We was there........

Judge, Shih Tzu, 163 enteries: Mrs Pauline A. Brook, UK

Judge, Basenji: Mrs F. A. Somerfield, UK

Int Ch, N Ch, S Ch, LIT Ch, R Ch, GBZ Ch, EE Ch
Viln.W-06, Il Pericolos Big Boss "Bosse"

Class: Veteran Dog

Qualified for Crufts 2010

  Int Ch, N Ch, S Ch, Fin Ch, Nord Ch, EE Ch, LIT Ch, LET Ch, Balt Ch, R Ch, GBZ Ch, Est V Ch, LIT V Ch, LITW-06, Viln.W-06, LETW-06, Est VV-08, Viln.WVW-08, Christmas Cup VW-08 Danilos Wee-Me Tiny "Tiny"

Class: Veteran Bitch

Winner of Veteran Class Bitch
Qualified for Crufts 2010

GBZ LIT Ch ( 3 x Cacib)
Spovens Black Dahlia "Dehlia"
Class: Open Bitch
Qualified for Crufts 2010
GBZ JCh, GBZ Ch ( 7 x Cacib)
 Faraoland Beatrix Potter "Bea"
Class: Open Bitch
3 in Open Class Bitch
Qualified for Crufts 2010



Ch "Bea" had to start in Open Class with much older dogs, but she became nr 3 in very hard competition.

 Multi Ch "Bosse" are a beautyful boy, that many loved to see......

Når politikken ikke lenger var viktig. En meget hyggelig dommer roset "Bosse-mann" opp i skyene.......

The judge found Multi Ch "Bosse" very, very beautiful.

Multi Ch Multi Winner "Tiny" winns Veteran Bitch Class, and competed for the CC

This magnificent lady is soon 10 years old.

Multi Ch Multi Winner "Tiny" 

Multi Ch "Bosse"

 Multi Ch "Bosse"

Multi Ch "Bosse" stands first in Veteran Dog Class. He was the smallest Veteran Dog there.......

Multi Ch Multi Winner "Tiny" stands nr 3 in Veteran Bitch Class. She became the classwinner of this class.

GBZ LT Ch "Dahlia" is only 2 years old, but since she is a Champion, she had to go in Open Class with 15 enteris. She was just so young, but she did a very good job in this "killer class" with so many much older Champions.


In UK I meet this lovely 8 weeks old boy. He is just my type of dog.......
Og så fant jeg en flott liten herrremann, og forelsket meg helt i denne Santosha gutten.



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