How is the Shih Tzu built?
Photos and text from the book, The World of Dogs Shih Tzu.


a) correct, straight legs
b) Incorrect, the legs turn in similar to being cow hocked
c) Incorrect, bowlegged


a) Correct lay of shoulder
b) Incorrect lay of shoulder, upright shoulder blade


a) Correct, elbows level with brisket, chest broad and deep, slightly curved legs
b) Incorrect, the shape of the chest reminds one of a barrel with elbows turning out and bowed front feet turning in
c) Incorrect, Pekinese type front, with toes turning out
d) Incorrect, Terrier type front, too narrow and legs too straight.

a) Correct, straight line running through withers to foot.
b) Incorrect, humerous too short and elbow too far forward.

Movment & balance

a) Very good balance and elegance, centre of gravity good, with nice height of head and tail the front and back are in union giving the best and most effortless movement.
b) Overall balance is good with nice head and tail, front reach too short but very good hind movement. This movement can be seen on most dogs
c) Lacking in balance with low tail set. Similar to b) but not as good
d) Incorrect, missing balance incorrect set of neck making head push forward, tail set too low. Movement not free and lacks pride.


Example of a good head.


a) Correct, borne over back hanging to one side.
b) Incorrect, tail set to low
c) Incorrect laid to flat
d) Incorrect too tight


a) Incorrect, pastern too slack
b) Correct firm pastern
c) Correct anatomy of the foot


a) Correct top line, the dogs back is level
b) Incorrect top line, the dogs back sways up behind
c) Incorrect top line, the dogs has a roached back