Photo gallery


Ch "Mysan", Multi Ch "Bosse" & Ch "Dehlia"

 Multi Ch "Bosse", Ch "Dehlia" & Ch "Mysan" out in the wind.

Multi Ch "Tiny", Multi Ch "Bosse", Ch "Dehlia" & "Spar"

Multi Ch Multi Winner "Tiny" and her beautyful son North Exotic King Spar.

Multi Ch "Bosse" & Ch "Dehlia"

Happy Easter, April 2009. From left Ch "Bea", "Amigo" 14 weeks & Ch "Justin"

Multi Champion "Tiny" nr 2 on Norwegian Kennel Club`s Veteran of Veterans Show 22.11.08.

Thank you to judge Eivind Mjśrum, Norway.

More photo of Multi Ch "Tiny" on Veteran of Veterans 2008


20.03.08: "Bosse", "Bea", "Evita" & "Justin".

 1998: Kjersti, "Shazzy" &  "Copper".


My mother with "Ricki" & "Sunny"


My dad and "Billy" takes a nap.

My mother gives "Copper" a bath.


"Leroy" with my cat and her kittens.

"Leroy" selebrate his second birthday.

My dad & my dogs.

 1995: "Billy" & "Leroy"

2000: Kjersti, "Billy", "Shazzy", "Leroy" & "Copper".


My dogs running .....

"Tiny" & "Ricki"